Veterinary Aural Forceps

Veterinary aural forceps are used in ear surgeries and examinations for animals. With their slender, angled design and delicate serrations, they facilitate precise grasping and manipulation of ear tissues. These forceps are essential for removing foreign objects, debris, or polyps from the ear canal, aiding in diagnosing and treating ear infections or other ailments. Veterinary aural forceps play a crucial role in maintaining ear health and enhancing the well-being of animals. Aural forceps at Surgical Holdings Veterinary are used in a variety of veterinary procedures of the ear, including the insertion and removal of dressings or the removal of foreign bodies from the ear. These high-quality aural forceps are manufactured in accordance with BS 5194 which ensures every instrument has the correct composition, is fit for purpose and can perform the actions that they were designed for. We strive to supply the highest quality veterinary aural forceps at a reasonable price.

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Hartmann Aural Forceps
Hartmann Aural Forceps