Veterinary Angiotribe Forceps

Veterinary angiotribe forceps are essential instruments used in veterinary medicine for clamping blood vessels during procedures. Designed to provide precise control and secure closure, minimising bleeding and ensuring effective hemostasis. These forceps play a crucial role in a wide range of veterinary surgeries, from routine procedures to complex interventions, aiding in the successful management of bleeding and contributing to overall surgical success. Angiotribe forceps at Surgical Holdings Veterinary are large haemostatic forceps to help manage the control of bleeding from a blood vessel. These high-quality veterinary angiotribe forceps are manufactured in accordance with BS 5194 which ensures every instrument has the correct composition, is fit for purpose, and can perform the actions that they were designed for. We strive to supply the highest quality veterinary angiotribe forceps at a reasonable price.

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Carmalt Angiotribe Forceps
Carmalt Angiotribe Forceps
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