Dental Osteotome

Dental osteotomes for small animals at Surgical Holdings Veterinary are used for cutting and preparing teeth during various dental procedures, especially in small animal patients such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and other companion animals. The dental osteotome has a slender, chisel-like blade with a sharp edge. All of our stainless steel dental osteotomes are manufactured in accordance with BS 5194. This ensures every veterinary dental osteotome has the correct composition, to ensure they can be fit for purpose and perform the action they were designed for. Proper sterilisation and regular maintenance of dental osteotomes are crucial to prevent infections during surgical interventions. These instruments play a critical role in promoting oral health and improving the quality of life for small animal patients. We strive to supply the highest quality dental osteotomes at a reasonable price.

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Wards Dental Osteotome
Wards Dental Osteotome
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