Epilation Forceps Straight Jaw

Epilation Forceps Straight Jaw

Product Code: OP/8

Epilation forceps straight jaw, 3mm wide, 8.9cm (3 1/2") lo…... Read more

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    Product Information

    Epilation Forceps Straight Jaw, 3mm wide, 8.9cm (3 1/2") long at Surgical Holdings Veterinary. Epilation forceps are essential tools in veterinary dermatology, specifically designed for removing hair from animal skin. Featuring slender, straight jaws with fine tips, they enable precise gripping and extraction of individual hairs, facilitating efficient epilation procedures. With ergonomic handles for comfortable grip and control, these forceps ensure accurate hair removal while minimising discomfort for the animal.

    UK Manufacturer of High Quality Veterinary Instruments
    Including forceps, scissors, clamps, needles & retractors
    Established supplier with over 30 years experience
    Family run business based in the UK
    NHS Suppliers of high-quality precision instrumentation
    7-day turnaround on all repairs

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