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Veterinary Website Launch

Welcome to the new Surgical Holdings Veterinary Instrument website. Surgical Holdings have been manufacturing veterinary instruments for the past 27 years, more recently our focus has been around the surgical human market, however, we are proud to offer our high quality theatre instrumentation to veterinary surgeons.

We believe our instruments are the highest quality value instruments in the veterinary market and we focus on the materials we use, to ensure your instrument last. You will also see instrument finishes and attention to detail, which are previously unseen on veterinary instrumentation in the UK market.

We are also able to service and repair all of our instruments and instruments from other 3rd parties.

If you have any idea for a new device, as instrument manufacturers, we may be able to bring your idea to life. Feel free to get in contact

For all of our stainless steel surgical instruments we also offer a lifetime guarantee on faulty workmanship and materials.